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Welcome to Elementalist!

Greetings everyone ~

If you are a member already in our guild please join our guild website by clicking the link above.  When creating a username I ask that you make your username the character that is your main in our guild/or your most played character.  After, you are done joining our site please head to the forums and fill out your availability for guild rp events under the thread "Posting Availability".  Players who are interested in joining among our ranks please read below for information on our guild and ranks!

Note: Guild members please remember to check our news tab on our guild website! This is important for staying in touch and communicating what is going on in the guild as well as our forums.  Since, not all of us are in-game at the same time, as well as Tera won't let me post very long guild messages. 

About Elementalist:

Elementalist - is a light-med rp guild accepting of all races, classes, and levels.  Our goal is to provide a friendly helpful environment to assist in quests, dungeons, leveling, etc. and providing a place for players to call home.  We offer weekly rp events (that are optional), our in-game guild chat is ooc but ic chat is welcomed, and a Ventrilo server for those that wish to use it.  Activity of our guild members is mainly in the evenings and weekends, with a few who do play in the day.  Time-zone wise we have members from all different time-zones, we try to accommodate all our members so that the majority of them can come to our events.  Activity among the guild is appreciated but we understand real-life comes first.  If you have any other questions about our guild please whisper in-game Lunalu or Pheebie. 

Guild Ranks:

Earth - is earned after being a rank of recruit within Elementalist.  This rank is based upon activeness within the guild.

Air - is earned after being a rank of Earth within Elementalist. This rank is based upon activeness within the guild as well as helpfulness towards other guild members.

Water - is earned after being a rank of water Air within Elementalist. This rank is reserved for guild officers.  If wanting to apply for a position of guild officer, please talk to Lunalu or Pheebie.

Fire - is earned after being a rank of Water within Elementalist. This rank is reserved as a higher guild officer position for those who are right under the Guild Master as a Co GM. 

Server Status
Ascension Valley
Celestial Hills - Roleplay
Tempest Reach
Lake of Tears
Valley of Titans
Mount Tyrannas
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